Nena Peltin's Story

They say that the average person will have at least five careers in a lifetime, so I suppose I’m ahead of my time.  What have I done for a living?  I was a medical social worker at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for seven years.  I was a professional matchmaker for two and a half (and yes, eleven couples got married).   I’ve been a mother for the past eighteen years, a job that led to all sorts of volunteer opportunities, most of them involving fundraising for schools and local non-profits. 

I’ve also written local history, mostly as a volunteer, but also for pay.  I wrote a ten-page history of The Paramount Theatre that is sold in its foyer, and a 125-page book about the history of Ballard Community Hospital (now Swedish Medical Center’s Ballard campus).  I wrote the histories of Kusak Cut Glass Works in the Rainier Valley, and of The Meridian School in Wallingford.  In addition, I have written numerous articles for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine about quirky Seattle landmarks. 

So what led me to open my own gift shop?  I’ve spent the two years revitalizing the gift shop at Temple Beth Am, and so many congregants encouraged me heartily to open my own shop.  They saw how much I enjoyed buying and selling for the synagogue shop and thought I could do something equally appealing in the secular world. 

So I opened for business in beautiful Madrona in July 2010.  It's been exciting, educational, and all-consuming.  Please come see me when you need a gift or just want to see what unusual treasures I have located recently.